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This is the best and one of the largest space in a Bhutanese farmhous and dedicated to religion. Religious artefacts are stored and displayed here and the space is used also religious rituals, prayers and offerings. When important guests such as lamas and high officials come, the room is also used as bedroom for them.

  • མཆོད་བཤམ། (Dzongkha, Tibetan script, Original)(2015)
    • > Altarpiece (English, Latin script, Translation)(2015)
    • > mchod bsham (Dzongkha, Latin script, Transliteration-THL Extended Wylie Transliteration)(2015)
    • > chö sham (Dzongkha, Latin script, Transcription-THL Simplified Tibetan Transcription)(2015)

Subject ID: S8008