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Discourses are poetic and literary speech forms which are either already composed or spoken extemporaneously to explain the context and significance of certain place or events or facilitate a smooth process of a specific action such as consecration of a house or consolation of a family in bereavement. The recitations and chanting are mostly in local languages and dialects and delivered like a speech or peotry reading but from the memory rather than reading a text.

  • ཁ་བཤད་དང་ཚིག (Dzongkha, Tibetan script, Original)(2015)
    • > Recitation/Discourse (English, Latin script, Translation)(2015)
    • > kha bshad dang tshig (Dzongkha, Latin script, Transliteration-THL Extended Wylie Transliteration)(2015)
    • > kha shé dang tsik (Dzongkha, Latin script, Transcription-THL Simplified Tibetan Transcription)(2015)

Subject ID: S7327